Are the images really free?

Yes, the images are free to download but the use depends on the image licenses. Photographers can select the license on uploading the photo.

Is the membership free?

Yes, it is and will be.

Why do I need to Sign up?

Registered members can upload and download photographs, post comments.

I can't log in/I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please use 'Password Recovery' page to recover your password.

What are the formats of the files?

All photographs are in JPG, PNG and GIF format.

Can I sell my photos on pixloger.com?

No, we do not sell photos here at pixloger.com, there are plenty of sites where you can sell your photographs.

Can I upload others photos?

No, we do not suggest you do so. Members that upload copyrighted materials will have their images deleted and their account remove.

Someone has uploaded my photos without my permission, what do I do?

Please contact us with the details image. We request a proof of ownership in case of copyright infringements if the violation is not obvious.